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I find myself on an unending journey of discovering, learning and delivering.

•  A German Language Expert with 12+ years of experience in the German field
•  Qualified Trainer (DLL), Online Teaching Expert with experience as a
German Trainer for 10+ years
•  9 years of experience in the corporate field as a German Language specialist
•  Team Handling for German experts (30+ employees) as an assistant manager

• Participation in the International Teachers Training Course at Goethe Institute
• Interview Panel Lead in Recruitment Drives for the German Specialist Positions
• Gold Medalist in BA and MA Sanksrit by Maharashtra Government
• Microsoft Office Expert with hands-on experience
• People Management Skills (German Resources)
• Project Management Specialist with Six Sigma Methodology
• Participation in State level Sanskrit and German Theater
• Paper presentation at International Sanskrit Seminars

• MA German: Mumbai University – 2022
• MA Sanskrit: Pune University – 2009 (Gold-Medalist)
• C2 German: Goethe Institute Pune – 2009
• International Teachers Training Course

• Certificate of participation at DLL (Deutsch Lehren Lernen) at Goethe Institute
•  Six-Sigma Green-Belt certified Project Manager

Meet Our Team

  • Tejaswini Mandke

    - German Trainer

    • - M.A. German (didactics)
    • - 3+ years of experience in teaching
    • - 3 years as a German Language Specialist in multinational companies
    "Teaching is something that comes organically to me and although after having tried to find a grip on quite a few other professions, I got drawn back to teaching. I genuinely love the spontaneity involved in teaching and its perks of being able to constantly learn without having to literally sit and learn things. I also treasure the sense of contentment when I observe the connection with the students." - Tejaswini
    Tejaswini Mandke
  • Vedika Gadre

    - German Trainer

    • - MA German
    • - Worked as German Trainer at Mumbai University
    • - Overall 2+ years experience as a full-time German Trainer

    "I always liked teaching and was never interested in doing a desk job. After learning German and Didactics, it was even clear to me that this is what I should be doing.

    The best part about teaching is you have to keep yourself constantly updated which helps you to grow. I believe your students make you a better person, there is a lot to learn from them as well.
    That feeling of satisfaction when someone understands what you have explained is precious and worth all the efforts you have taken." - Vedika

    Vedika Gadre
  • Kanchi Arora

    - German Trainer

    • - C1 German
    • - M.A. German
    • - 6+ years of teaching experience

    "The most I have learnt has been in my classes while teaching. I started teaching German in 2015 at a friend’s request, while I was learning German. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching but realised that I need to specialise in the approach of formally teaching a language. While doing my Master's degree at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, I studied Didactics – the science of teaching and that was my formal training and introduction to the teaching world. I was so fond of teaching that learning techniques for efficient instructing gave me the boost I sought. I cherish the interactions I have with my students who come from all walks of life with different backgrounds and have various reasons to learn German. For me, educating, in its broader sense, means exposing my students to a new world, a different society and culture and to endless possibilities. I feel if I am able to make my students think critically and ask the right questions – I have done an excellent job, and that is what I strive towards."

    Kanchi Arora
  • Mayuree Daabi

    - Sanskrit & German Trainer

    • - MA B. Ed. Sanskrit
    • - German Language Diploma Pune University 
    • - B2.1 Goethe Institute
    • - 5 Years as a Sanskrit Teacher in S.E.S. Gurukul School, Pune
    • - Overall 9+ Years of overall experience in teaching Sanskrit and German
    Mayuree Daabi