Fern means far and Weh means pain, so Fernweh literally translates as far-sickness, like homesickness! You are away from home and you miss it, it means you are home sick, in the same way, if you are away from being away and miss that, then that’s called as Fehrweh. Confusing? Nope, totally interesting! Fehrnweh is another beautiful expression in German which actually refers to wanderlust. The word wanderlust describes your extreme love for travelling or hiking; however the equivalent in German takes that extreme love to another level. The word Fernweh expresses a passionate urge to be away, travel or to hike and how you feel restless if you can’t do it? The passionate travellers, free soul hikers will surely understand this feeling. It is that longing to go away from the routine, wistfulness to go for next adventure and a kind of malaise because you are missing on magic of being away and visiting new places. Do you know the feeling of having itchy feet because you haven’t travelled for long time or you remember how you leaf through your calendar 10 times a day, the last week before you go on vacation? All these feelings you can just express through one word. Isn’t that magical?

Fernweh means longings for being away, away can be travelling, away can be being mentally away from the monotonous days, or even a knot in stomach when you dream about visiting new places which you haven’t visited before..!

In short, Ferhweh is missing some place which you might not even have seen before.

Are there any equivalents for Ferhweh in any other languages?

Do let all know!


 Image by Ivaylo Ivanov from Pixabay