Dictionary translates this word as Anticipation. It means a feeling or excitement of something that is going to happen in future. The word Vorfreude is made up of Vor which means Pre and Freude which means happiness.

I have a very beautiful association with this word as it reminds of a saying that one of my teachers told me: “Vorfreude ist besser als die Freude”. This stands true in every sense for me. Imagine you are preparing for a performance; you rehearse for months and then perform for 45 minutes. What do you love the most in this process, the actual performance or all those rehearsals which bring out all memories, associations, experiences? Certainly the later one is more exciting. That’s exactly what the word Vorfreude refers to.

Do you know the feeling of thrilled joy that you have on the last day of school before summer vacations?

Ever seen a child full of ecstasy just before opening a surprise gift?

Have you come across a boy or a girl waiting for a blind date to arrive, filled with hope and excitement?

Could you imagine the state of mind of a gold medallist, a few days before the convocation ceremony?

If you don’t know the exact word to describe all these feelings, Vorfreude could come to rescue for sure!

There is a beautiful line in one of the bollywood song which goes like: मंझिल से बेहतर लगने लगे है ये रास्ते..! I think this indirectly mentions that “Vorfreude ist besser als die Freude”

Exactly like writing, re-writing, editing, and creating multiple drafts of this write up crafts so much of happiness within me, anticipating your feedbacks, comments and views.

Do let us know!

 Photo by William Topa on Unsplash